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Learn math and STEM through movement based games!

Adojo is a tablet app for kid 4+. Bring the joy of Adojo to your child. See them chop apples, jump over hedgehogs, and dodge bees, while they learn to read, do math, and discover their world!

Launches Summer 2024 on iOS and Android.

This is a web preview of one of our mini games! Step back and use your hands to jab the apples.


Recommended by parents & experts

Emily - Mom of 4

Emily Grzelakowski, LCSW

"Adojo stands out among the choices for tablet apps - it's the one I fully trust and am excited to have my kids engage with."

Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist and Mom of 4

Amber - Single Mom of 2

Amber Keckley

Single Mom of 2

"I love seeing my kids play Adojo together - it makes me happy to see them having so much fun. It's inspired my son to start martial arts class."

Krystle - Mom of 2

Krystle Mitchell

Corporate Executive and Mom of 2

“I’m relieved to finally have a screen time option for my kids that doesn’t have them hunched over their tablet for an hour. They’re moving and learning at the same time - I wish I’d had Adojo as a kid”

Key Features

Loved by Children

What makes Adojo different

Adojo uses cutting edge computer vision technology that works offline

Cutting edge technology - Adojo is on the cutting edge of technology -enabling interactive experiences using just the tablet.

Adojo is user centric

Built alongside kids and parents  - We care about the well-being of your child. That’s why we involve parents and kids every step of the way.

Adojo is backed by science

Backed by science - Movement before and during learning has been shown to positively impact learning. We work closely with experts to leverage this.

Adojo does not require wifi or internet

No Wifi needed - Adojo’s innovative game play runs offline - no need for an active internet connection or data. 

Adojo has an affiliate program

Earn money back - For every new subscriber you refer, earn cash back until we’ve reimbursed your full subscription fee (terms apply).

Adojo is ad-free

Ad-free - We use a subscription model so we can offer the experience ad-free. 

About Adojo

Adojo is 100% female founded. It is built in house by a small team of people who are passionate about rethinking how kids learn.

Nadia Haven CEO Co-founder Adojo

Nadia Haven is the Co-founder and CEO of Adojo. She is a youth coach and holds an MBA from Oxford University.

Dr Isabel Hutchison CPTO Co-founder Adojo

Dr. Isabel Hutchison is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Adojo. She is a Unity Developer and holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

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